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NIKKB is working hard to communicate and utilise research.

NIKKB provides and develops continued professional development to Nordic chiropractors.

NIKKB performs consultant function and quality control in imaging.

NIKKB manages the practical execution of internships for candidates in clinical biomechanics


On 15 June 1990, Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) was founded by the Danish Pro-Chiropractic as the first Scandinavian education and research centre for chiropractic.

The Institute was opened on 8 October 1991 by the then county mayor of Funen, Jens Peter Fisker.  

At the same time as NIKKB was established, the Regions' Board for Wages and Tariffs and the Danish Chiropractors’ Association had resolved “that with effect from 1 April 1990, a fund would be set up to advance chiropractic research and postgraduate education” in Denmark.

In 1994 the objective of the fund was extended to provide the financial basis for NIKKB, and thus the funding of the institute took its present form.


The intention behind NIKKB was to support endeavours to establish an inter-Scandinavian university-based scientific education in chiropractic. This was proposed in 1989 in a joint report from Odense University and the Scandinavian chiropractors’ associations.

Earlier the same year, the Nordic Council had decided to set up a place where students could meet chiropractic as it is practiced, and to establish an organisation to ensure that the education provided was based on a solid foundation of science and research.

As an approved educational institution, the original objective of NIKKB was to carry out the clinical part of the education in collaboration with Odense University and Odense University Hospital, to present the clinical and theoretical teaching in the postgraduate part of the chiropractor’s education, and to carry out research into chiropractic and biomechanics.

In 1994, when a university-based education in chiropractic was established in Denmark, the objective of NIKKB was revised.

Today, the institute is a research centre focused on knowledge dissemination and quality development within the field of chiropractic.


The institute is governed by a Board of four appointed members, two from Danish Regions and two from the Danish Chiropractors' Association. The day-to-day management is in the hands of a Managing Director who is also Head of Research.

NIKKB is financed by the Foundation for Advancement of Chiropractic Research and Postgraduate Education, which gets its means directly from Danish chiropractors and the Regions' Board for Wages and Tariffs.

The Foundation for Advancement of Chiropractic Research and Postgraduate Education co-finances several of the research projects at the institute. Grants from the foundation are awarded on the basis of specific applications, made out on project basis. Funds granted for research projects are not included in NIKKB’s total operating budget.

The institute consists of a research, a radiology and a postgraduate department and is staffed according to the various tasks carried out by the institute. At the beginning of 2016, a total of twenty people were employed in permant or in consultant and/or affiliated appointments.