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Honorary lecture by Professor Peter Croft

The Center for Muscle and Joint Health is proud to invite you to an honorary lecture given by Professor Peter Croft, Keele University.


The title of the lecture is Back to the walls: The Past and the Future of Primary Care Research into Musculoskeletal Disorders


The honorary lecture takes place:


Thursday October 13 at 15.00
In Auditorium O77, University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M


All are welcome. The lecture is free and no registration is required.


Professor Peter Croft trained as a medical practitioner and has been the world leader in research in…

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Jan Hartvigsen in podcast on evidence-based practice

In late April, Senior Researcher at NIKKB and lecturer at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics (IOB), Lise Hestbæk, took part in a podcast on the website Chiropractic Science. Now the website has also recorded a podcast with Jan Hartvigsen, Professor and Head of Research at IOB and Senior Researcher at NIKKB.


In the podcast Jan Hartvigsen discusses evidence-based practice. Among other things, Jan Hartvigsen addresses the following topics:


1) What is Evidence Based Practice?; 2) How do we build chiropractic’s academic capacity (and what are the barriers)?; 3) The Chiropractic Profession in the Mainstream; 4)…

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The European research unit for Chiropractic, European Centre for Chiropractic Excellence (ECCRE) is now online.


You get to the website by typing www.eccre.org in your browser and press the Return button on your keyboard, you will enter the website. The website contains information, news and links to important forms and documents about ECCRE.

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A new research project, Danish Chiropractic Cohort (ChiCo), which is carried out by the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB), has received a grant of nearly 3 million DKK from the Foundation for Chiropractic Research and Post Graduate Education. The grant secures the accomplishment of a systematic collection of data from a large group of patients with low back pain from Danish chiropractic clinics.


Tue Secher Jensen, chiropractor, PhD, Senior Researcher at NIKKB and Spine Centre of Southern Denmark and Alice Kongsted, chiropractor, PhD, Senior Researcher at NIKKB and Associate Professor at the Department of Sports Science…

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Chiropractic treatment rather than re-admission

Patients with chest pain are often afraid that their pain is a sign of heart disease. This fear leads to increased health care costs because patients often have more re-admissions to hospital. This need not be. New research shows great advantages in referring some patients for treatment by chiropractors in the primary sector instead.


Over the past 25 years the number of hospital admissions due to chest pain and suspected heart attack has increased significantly in many countries. For a minority of patients the pain is due to heart disease. By contrast, many are diagnosed with other disorders or…

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