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Alice Kongsted new subject adviser on national clinical guidelines for neck pain

Alice Kongsted, Senior Researcher at NIKKB and Lecturer at IOB, has been employed as subject adviser on the Danish Health Authority’s national clinical guidelines for neck pain. She replaces medical specialist in rheumatology, Frank Lønberg, who wanted to leave the position.


This is not the first time Alice Kongsted participates in the preparation of national clinical guidelines. She was also part of the working groups who wrote the recently published guidelines for non-surgical treatment of recently emerged lumbar nerve compression (lumbar radiculopathy) and treatment of radiating pain from the neck (cervikal radiculopathy). Together with Professor and Head of Research…

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A new research project at the University of Southern Denmark is going to investigate if an increased focus on motor skills in day care centres can strengthen the children’s health, health, well-being and learning abilities. The Danish foundation, TrygFonden, has donated 8.5 million DKK to the project, the largest single donation received by the Research Unit for Clinical Biomechanics at SDU so far. Together with contributions from The Danish Chiropractic Foundation and the Municipality of Svendborg, the donation ensures completion of the project.


Children’s motor skills seem to influence their well-being, learning ability and general health. Thus, children…

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Peter Kent appointed Adjunct Professor

The Australian researcher Peter Kent has said farewell to SDU and NIKKB and has returned to Australia to take up a position as Associate Professor (Research) at the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. However, the University of Southern Denmark will still enjoy the work of the Australian researcher, who has just been appointed Adjunct Professor of Clinical Biomechanics by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Henrik Dam.


News of the appointment was met with joy at the University of Southern Denmark. Most people at IOB and NIKKB know the kind and smiling Australian,…

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Greg Kawchuk is appointed Adjunct Professor at IOB

The Canadian researcher Greg Kawchuk from the University of Alberta has been appointed Adjunct Professor at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics (IOB) at the University of Southern Denmark from January 1st 2015 to December 31st 2020.


Greg Kawchuk is already a familiar face at SDU. He has visited the university several times as a visiting scholar to work with researchers from IOB and NIKKB on a number of projects; indeed, it is collaboration between the Faculty of Health Sciences, IOB and NIKKB that has made it possible to appoint the Canadian researcher.


The appointment of…

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Forget pills and various aids for the prevention and treatment of low back pain. Exercise and training is far more effective - and it's both low-tech and inexpensive compared to expensive high tech solutions like pills, ergonomic chairs, special insoles and Velcro back belts, a recent study published on January 11 this year in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine concludes.


The study is made by a group of Australian and Brazilian researchers who have examined 21 studies of treatment and prevention of lower back pain.


The researchers concluded that exercise and training have an effect in relation to…

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