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Researchers in Sweden have identified four simple living rules that can reduce the risk of back pain considerably: Drop cigarettes, drink moderate amounts of alcohol, get regular exercise and be sure to get a daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


An extensive research experiment at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is the first to demonstrate the link between a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle diseases. The research experiment was conducted in the form of a public survey of 9000 men and women in Stockholm County, and the results are remarkable: Among the women who followed the four living rules, 9…

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Good reviews for Neurology Class

The neurology class, which was part of NIKKB's continued professional development this spring, got good reviews from the participants. The class was held on Friday, April 24, in the conference rooms at the University of Southern Denmark. After the class we asked one of the participants, John Sandberg, for an assessment of the class.


John Sandberg said: "I attended the neurology class with Morten Blaabjerg in April 2015. It was a class full of relevant knowledge for all clinicians. The knowledge was conveyed brilliantly by an enthusiastic teacher. He used a comprehensible power point show with good cases where…

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Syddansk Sundhedsvidenskabeligt Forskningsforum invites you to the 17th Åben Forskerdag  (Open Research Day) on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 from 9:00 to 15:00 at Trinity, Gl. Færgevej 30, 7000 Fredericia.


Participation is free and everyone is welcome to attend the Åben Forskerdag, incl. active researchers and people interested in research from Region Sjælland. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, April 15, 2014.


The Åben Forskerdag is a good opportunity to meet other health science research colleagues in a larger forum and be inspired in workshops and joint discussions.  


This year the programme for Åben Forskerdag consists of workshops…

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Roadshow off to a good start

This year's first roadshow got off to a good start on Tuesday. The subject was examination possibilities, which attracted the interest of 28 chiropractors.
They were in for an informative evening. Consultant Frederick Busch shared his experiences and delved into a variety of topics under the general heading of the roadshow during the evening. Frederick Busch touched on relevant topics such as:


• Consequences of cervical degenerative condition with differential diagnostic considerations, from a neurosurgical perspective.
• Etiology with basic pain teaching - including how to distinguish between the different types of pain. What is the most common symptom…

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New article demonstrates the value of using measurement of blood flow in the heart to predict non-fatal heart attack

Patients with non-specific chest pain accounts for about half of all emergency admissions to coronary care units in hospitals. It has previously been assumed that it was relatively safe to send these patients home after admission, as the risk of being struck by a heart attack shortly supposed to be small.


Mette Jensen Stochkendahl has tested this assumption in collaboration with cardiologists at Odense University. The research group has studied if measuring the blood flow in the heart in patients with nonspecific chest pain can be used to predict future heart attack. The results showed that it was safe…

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