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The Danish newspaper BT has focused on neck and back pain in two separate articles in the summer, which made the newspaper contact researchers from NIKKB and NDA.


On July 9, BT carried a double page on the concept of mobile neck, which was based on the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets and the increasing risk of neck pain as a consequence of this. BT approached Professor and Head of Research at the IOB and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, Jan Hartvigsen, who was quoted in the article. Jan Hartvigsen talked about the new technology's influence on our…

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Take a look at nikkb.com – something has happened to the website! It has got a new look!


We have worked hard on redesigning NIKKB's English version of its website nikkb.com, and now the new look is ready to be presented to the public.


The main idea behind the new design has been to make nikkb.com more vivid, clear, readable and easy to use, by making the website easier to maneuver around in, among other things.


We have also moved the content around a little bit; again, this was done to make the website…

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NIKKB turns

And that calls for a celebration!


To help us do just that, we invite you to our

Friday, August 14th 2015 from 3 – 5.30 p.m.
At the University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55 in Odense


There will be speeches by
Chairman of the board, Karsten Uno Petersen,
Historian Per Jørgensen and
former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Mogens Hørder.


See you


Henrik Wulff Christensen
Managing Director and Head of Research


RSVP to no later than Friday, August 7th 2015…

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Traffic collisions may have long-term consequences in terms of damage to the neck and back, the so-called Whiplash Associated Disorders. A Danish study published in the European Journal of Pain shows that the healing of this kind of damage can be about much more than the damage itself.


The term Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) reflects the fact that many injured complain about other symptoms besides whiplash after a traffic collision. It may be pain in other parts of the spine, tingling and tingling in the arms or legs, fatigue, nausea, cognitive problems, poor physical and mental health, depression and…

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NIKKB researcher wins top prize in Athens

Alice Kongsted, senior researcher at NIKKB and lecturer at the IOB, was awarded first prize in WFC’s Research Poster Award Competition for the best poster presentation at the WFC / ECU's World Congress 13 - 16-May in Athens.


Alice Kongsted presented two posters at the Congress, and received the prize for her poster entitled "Are chiropractic patients afraid of movement? - You can easily find out if your patient are " where she and two graduate students have studied the simplest and easiest way to screen chiropractic patients for fear of movement.


The award is a great accolade…

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