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Do you have an exciting abstract? Then it might be considered for an award from ECCRE. At the ECU conference in Utrecht in May 2020, ECCRE will hand out three awards to European researchers:

• ECCRE Best Presented Research Award (selected from nominations)
• ECCRE Second Best Presented Research Award (selected from submitted abstracts)
• ECCRE Young Researcher of the Year Award (selected from submitted abstracts)


The deadline for submitting abstracts for review is January 12, 2020.


Read more about the guidelines and deadlines for abstract submission here: https://convention.chiropractic-ecu.org/call-for-papers/

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A study published recently shows evidence that manipulation and/or mobilisation is a safe therapy with a great potential for reducing pain in the neck and improving function. Multimodal therapies which integrates multiple treatment approaches seems to have the greatest potential impact.


Mobilisation and manipulation are already widely used by chiropractors to treat chronic nonspecific neck pain. But questions have been asked about the efficacy, dosing and safety of these therapies as well as their efficiency compared to other treatments. This prompted a group of American and Canadian researchers to look for answers on how efficient manipulation and/or mobilisation is…

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Revelations in an Australian study of the information on non-commercial websites about treatment of back pain has made tempers boil among researchers of MSK disease because the websites do not live up to expectations. The renowned newsletter The Back Letter recently levelled criticism at the institutions behind the websites for their contents. 
Researchers from the University of Sydney have conducted a systematic review of the credibility, accuracy and comprehensiveness of Internet based information about the treatment of low back pain found on the freely available websites of trusted non-commercial English-speaking institutions.
The study revealed a low level of credibility, mostly…

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If you are a young researcher in MSK disease, you can now apply to become part of the next CARL (Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership) generation.
CARL was established in 2016 to nurture and network promising research talent on the international stage. Providing a range of mentoring, career and research-specific training, CARL aims to not only bolster the opportunities of leading individual researchers but equally if not more importantly to also connect them and harness a critical mass for future research related to chiropractic across the world stage. CARL was established and designed by an international consortium of senior researchers…

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Are you a chiropractor? Are you thinking about becoming a PhD? Would you be tempted to study for the PhD degree abroad?


If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, we have exciting news for you. The Department of Chiropractic Scholarship at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia is offering a PhD scholarship to a qualified applicant


Read more about the schiolarship in this link: https://www.mq.edu.au/research/phd-and-research-degrees/scholarships/scholarship-search/data/department-of-chiropractic-scholarship

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