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As of May 1st. chiropractor, PhD, Tue Secher Jensen has joined NIKKB as part of our research team.

Tue Secher Jensen: "I have been doing research in Medical Imgaing since I graduated from University of Southern Denmark in 2002. As part of the Research Team and Imaging Unit at NIKKB, I work in the intersect between imaging and research. One of the projects that I will undertake is the evaluation    
of the new referral guidelines for musculoskeletal imaging that will be published in June 2013".

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Best and Worst Jobs of 2013. CareerCast.com, a career website, ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook.

We are pleased to inform that chiropractor is ranked as the 11th best job in 2013.

Se the full list in the original articl from The Wall Street Journal here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324874204578439154095008558.html?goback=.gde_4506016_member_234841862#articleTabs%3Dinteractive

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Chiropractor Ellen Aartun has won the main prize at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Spine Research Society - the Back and Neck Prize.

The meeting was held in Oslo Friday and Saturday April 19th.-20th.

Ellen presented partial results from her PhD project, a cross-sectional and two-year longitudinal analysis of the prevalence, incidence and course of back and neck pain in children aged 11-13.

Congratulations to Ellen – well done.

Prize winners Elisabeth Bjelland and Ellen Aartun

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NIKKB was part of a large Danish delegation at WFC's 12th Biennial Congres in Durban, South Africa on April 10-13, 2013.

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Professor Jan Hartvigsen will speak at the 8th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain in Dubai, October 27 – 31, 2013

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