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NIKKB reached a major milestone at the beginning of 2019, when the inclusion of data into the Danish Chiropractic Cohort (ChiCo) was completed. The database holds data from almost 3000 MSK patients from Danish chiropractic clinics.


ChiCo is the world’s biggest database of MSK pain in patients with low back pain in chiropractic practice. ChiCo developed out of the need for a large amount of data for a Danish PhD project. So much data was needed that the researchers had to rethink the data inclusion. And why not use this vast amount of data for more than the one…

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An international research group has produced 17 standards for diagnosing and managing complex regional pain syndrome. This is useful knowledge for clinicians, who need an update of their knowledge in this field.


The researchers present the standards in the academic paper ‘Standards for the diagnosis and management of complex regional pain syndrome: Results of a European Pain Federation task force’.


The 17 standards are grouped within 8 treatment areas: Diagnosis; management and referral of patients; prevention; patient information and education; pain management – medication and procedures; physical and vocational rehabilitation; identifying and treating distress and long-term care. Read…

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Chiropractors and researchers from Norway visited Odense

On Friday, March 29th, chiropractors from the University of Bergen and researchers from the Norwegian chiropractic association NKF/ELIB visited NIKKB and the University of Southern Denmark to discuss and get inspiration for a Norwegian education in chiropractic and the setting up of a knowledge hub for musculoskeletal disease.


A total of 9 chiropractors and researchers travelled to Odense. They were treated to a tour of the university and the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics facilities. Following the tour, they got inspiration through talks by Henrik Hein Lauridsen from the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, Jan…

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Back surgery is a much-used method for treating lumbar spinal stenosis; in the US, the disease is the most common reason for back surgery among older people. Meanwhile, there is a lack of evidence on the effect of nonsurgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis.


Accordingly, a group of American researchers carried out a randomised clinical trial, where they aimed to study and compare the clinical effect of three nonsurgical interventions for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, medical treatment, group exercise and manual therapy/individual exercise.


The researchers conclude that a combination of manual therapy/individualized exercise provides greater short-term improvement…

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9 recommendations for treating persistent headaches associated with neck pain
In a recently published paper, a group of prominent Canadian researchers have developed evidence based clinical guidelines for non-pharmalogical treatment of persistent tension-type headache or cervicogenic headache.
The researchers studied systematic reviews of neck pain, looking at the evidence of clinical benefits, cost‐effectiveness, societal and ethical values, and patient experiences when formulating the recommendations.
The recommendations are of great relevance to clinicians and patients suffering from persistent tension-type headache or cervicogenic headache because they uniformise treatment of neck pain and increase the quality of the treatment.
This has resulted in 9 recommendations from clinical guidelines for non-pharmalogical treatment of headaches…

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