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Jan Hartvigsen honoured as Researcher of the Year by American Chiropractic Association

Jan Hartvigsen, Professor and Head of Research at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark and Senior Researcher at NIKKB was one of the main speakers at the World Federation of Chiropractic’s biannual congress held in the US capital Washington DC. He was scheduled to speak on Thursday morning on the topic of "Chiropractic’s Golden Opportunity: Evidence-based Spine Care Practitioner".


Unknown to him, the American Chiropractic Association had elected him Researcher of the Year and after his talk the ACA Chairman David Herd and everybody in the auditorium honoured Jan Hartvigsen.


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The ECU has publishyed the programme for the convention in Limmassol, Cyprus on May 25th - 27th 2017


Click on the image below to sse the programme and register through the link in the programme or via the ECU website


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Is there a relationship between physical activity level and back pain in adolescents?

The level of physical activity among adolescents can influence their risk of developing back pain, a new study by a group of researchers including Jan Hartvigsen and Lise Hestbæk from NIKKB/Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics (IOB) at the University of Southern Denmark has revealed.


The more physically active, the greater the risk of back pain, the study concludes. The researchers followed a group of adolescents aged 11 to 13 over a two year period to study to what degree physical activity caused pain in the neck, back and lower back during the two years.


The participants…

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In 2016, the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE) awarded grants totalling more than 3000 000 € to research projects. Now, researchers can apply for funding for their research projects again. Funding will primarily be awarded as co-funding of projects.


The deadline for applications for funding from ECCRE this year is March 1st 2017. Follow the link below to get to the relevant application forms:

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How and why do sports injuries typically occur in children and adolescents?

For some time there has been increasing focus on activity and sports among children and adolescents, and there are many advantages in increased activity and participation in sport. However, the increase in sports activities among children and adolescents also causes an increase in sports injuries. Now a group of researchers have conducted a systematic literature review to provide an overview of the most common injuries in a number of sports and where they may occur. The overview is of particular interest to chiropractors who treat many athletes, children and young people, but there are also interesting points for other chiropractors.…

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