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The board of ECCRE, the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence, has decided to award grants to two research projects in 2018.


The two projects, which have been part-funded by grants, are:    


Development of a core outcome set for Pelvic Girdle Pain; A systematic review, qualitative interviews and Delphi consensus study by Francesca Wuytack PhD, postdoc at the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and her co-investigators


Development of a clinical stratification instrument to improve cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic Maintenance Careby Andreas Eklund, Chiropractor, PhD, postdoc at the Unit of Intervention and Implementation Research for…

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Alice Kongsted, Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, recently took part in a podcast by Chiropractic Practice.


In the podcast, she talked about her work as part of the group who wrote the papers on low back pain in The Lancet and many other topics related to low back pain.


Listen to the podcast 'Why we need to pay attention to back pain' here: https://chiropracticscience.com/podcast/dralicekongsted/

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Chiropractor Guillaume Goncalves, Professor Christine Le Scanff and Professor Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde have searched the literature for evidence that manipulation of the spine or chiropractic treatment can be used to prevent non-MSK diseases in primary or early secondary prevention.


They found no evidence for this claim and they come down hard on the vitalistic approach to chiropractic.


‘The chiropractic vitalistic approach to the concept of ‘subluxation’ as a cause of disease lacks both biological plausibility and possibly proof of validity. Nonetheless, some chiropractors purport to prevent disease in general through the use of chiropractic care. Evidence of its effect…

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Chiropractors Signe Fuglkjær Møller and Lisbeth Hartvigsen have almost reached the end in their PhD projects. The final hurdle is their defences of their theses.


The first day in June will be an important day for Signe Fuglkjær Møller. Three years’ work will result in the PhD degree, when she defends her thesis Musculoskeletal pain in Danish school children – it’s prevalence, course and patterns of pain.


Signe Fuglkjær Møller’s PhD defence takes place at 13:00 hrs on June 1st in Lab for Play and Innovation, Building 39, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M, Denmark.


Shortly after, Lisbeth…

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What are the key messages in the series of papers on low back pain in The Lancet? Following our previous article about the main conclusions, in this article we present an overview of 20 key messages about low back pain from the original papers. The three papers in the series have been written in collaboration by the 29 internationally renowned researchers, among others Professor and Head of Research at the University of Southern Denmark and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, Jan Hartvigsen, and Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, Alice Kongsted. At the end…

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