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Until 2016 our primary research areas are epidemiological and prevention research, spinal pain, musculoskeletal chest pain and osteoarthritis.



The Research Unit at NIKKB has formulated a strategy outlining the institute's research priorities for the period 2018-2022.

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The research efforts at NIKKB are specifically focused on addressing issues related to the on-going development of the profession. To this end, our strategic priorities will be to:

•    Facilitate the on-going systematic collection of data from cohorts of patients suffering from a range of musculoskeletal conditions by building and maintaining a practice-based network of chiropractic clinics and applying novel technologies such as SMS-tracking in the follow-up of these patients;
•    Closely monitor and identify the characteristics of patients seeking chiropractic care, map the interventions delivered, and describe the clinical course;
•    Describe the characteristics and trajectories of musculoskeletal patients seeking care in the primary health care sector by working closely with primary care research units;
•    Articulate a chiropractic professional identity which differentiates the unique contribution of chiropractors to the multidisciplinary nature of the Danish health care system through on-going qualitative interviews; and
•    Study the development of integrated musculoskeletal health care practices in primary and secondary care settings with the aim to strengthen the contribution of chiropractic.

Research focus

To meet these strategic priorities, the following research areas will be the principal focus up to the end of 2016:

1.    Epidemiological and prevention research
2.    Spinal pain
3.    Musculoskeletal chest pain
4.    Osteoarthritis

Read more about our research focus under the section Project Areas in the menu.



Researchers in Sweden have identified four simple living rules that can reduce the risk of back pain considerably: Drop cigarettes, drink moderate amounts of alcohol, get regular exercise and be sure to get a daily intake of fruits and vegetables.


An extensive research experiment at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is the first to demonstrate the link between a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle diseases. The research experiment was conducted in the form of a public survey of 9000 men and women in Stockholm County, and the results are remarkable: Among the women who followed the four living rules, 9…

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New article demonstrates the value of using measurement of blood flow in the heart to predict non-fatal heart attack

Patients with non-specific chest pain accounts for about half of all emergency admissions to coronary care units in hospitals. It has previously been assumed that it was relatively safe to send these patients home after admission, as the risk of being struck by a heart attack shortly supposed to be small.


Mette Jensen Stochkendahl has tested this assumption in collaboration with cardiologists at Odense University. The research group has studied if measuring the blood flow in the heart in patients with nonspecific chest pain can be used to predict future heart attack. The results showed that it was safe…

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Wellbeing at Work is an increasingly salient topic on the scientific and political agendas in many Western countries. 

This week The Third Wellbeing at Work conference was held i Copenhagen on 26th-28th May 2014.

From NIKKB Senior researcher Mette Jensen Stochkendahl gave a presentation and Professor Jan Hartvigsen was also in attendance.

In the scientific world the concept of wellbeing at work is typically addressed from the vantage point of organizational psychology, but to meet the challenges of ageing working populations that increasingly may be characterized by chronic diseases or disabilities, the inquiry into the concept of wellbeing at…

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On March 8th this year the world celebrated International Women's Day. On this occasion The Chiropractic Report (March 2014 (Vol. 28, No.2) 'reviewed and celebrated' the growing and substantial leadership of women in the chiropractic profession.

One of the featured researchers - described as "established and foremost leaders" - is Senior Researcher at NIKKB and The University of Southern Denmark Lise Hestbæk. The Chiropractic Report writes:

"Lise Hestbæk DC, PhD, a Senior Researcher at the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) in Odense. Dr Hestbæk har primary research interest in back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders in children…

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Hartvigsen J, Boyle E, Cassidy JD, Carroll LJ. Mild traumatic brain injury after motor vehicle collisions: what are the symptoms and who treats them? A population-based 1-year inception cohort study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2014;95(3 Suppl 2):286-94.

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