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NIKKB is working hard to communicate and utilise research.

NIKKB provides and develops continued professional development to Nordic chiropractors.

NIKKB performs consultant function and quality control in imaging.

NIKKB manages the practical execution of internships for candidates in clinical biomechanics

WFC, World Federation of Chiropractic, has today published a list of suggested reading for everyone in the chiropractic profession.


The list is a database that brings together a number of relevant research articles in one place, which gives chiropractors an easy and clear access to the different articles, which are grouped into 21 topic areas on the reading list.


The project is led by Dr. Greg Kawchuk from the University of Alberta, who is chairman of WFC Research Council, and who is currently a visiting scientist at NIKKB.


“This is just the beginning of this project,” explains Dr Kawchuk.  “We are already working on round two which will add new topic areas such as nutrition and public health.


Follow this link to read more about the reading list and access to research articles. The list itself is accessed by clicking the "Suggested reading list" in the left column on WFC's website: