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Towards 2022, NIKKB research will focus on developing customised treatment for the individual patient, research into how we can implement new knowledge in daily practice and understand the lifelong trajectory of musculoskeletal disease.



The Research Unit at NIKKB has formulated a strategy outlining the institute's research priorities for the period 2018-2022.

Download it here

NIKKB reached a major milestone at the beginning of 2019, when the inclusion of data into the Danish Chiropractic Cohort (ChiCo) was completed. The database holds data from almost 3000 MSK patients from Danish chiropractic clinics.


ChiCo is the world’s biggest database of MSK pain in patients with low back pain in chiropractic practice. ChiCo developed out of the need for a large amount of data for a Danish PhD project. So much data was needed that the researchers had to rethink the data inclusion. And why not use this vast amount of data for more than the one research project?


That started a data inclusion project in 2016 with the purpose of creating a database of Danish patients with LBP presenting in a chiropractic clinic and building the infrastructure at NIKKB. Three years later, ChiCo has resulted in much more than a large database.


ChiCo is a massive cooperation between science and clinical practice. Despite its title, ChiCo is an international cooperation involving researchers not only from Denmark but also from Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. They have devised the concept behind the project and the inclusion strategy, and the actual data inclusion was carried out through an immeasurable effort by ten chiropractic research clinics from the Central Region Denmark in cooperation with the project steering group. The participating clinics set aside the extra time needed for data inclusion while maintaining an already busy schedule; patients with LBP who participated in ChiCo were asked to complete a questionnaire upon their first visit to a clinic and the follow-up was done via SMS-track for a year following treatment. 


The data has been earmarked for seven research projects by researchers from NIKKB and the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and their collaborators on a variety of topics in the fields of epidemiology, Imaging, pain trajectory and work retention. Later, the data will be made available to other research projects.


In addition to providing data for the current research projects, ChiCo has also provided NIKKB with an infrastructure for similar project in the future. NIKKB now has the tools to carry out similar data collections in the future. The infrastructure built up in connection with ChiCo means that NIKKB complies with the GDPR rules and all rules regarding consent and use of patient data with consent, and that data is fully processed according to the rules. ChiCo is an investment and the DKK 3 million spent on the project are money well spent in more than one way.


The steering group for ChiCo is Senior Researcher NIKKB, Tue Secher Jensen (joint project leader); Professor SDU, Senior Researcher NIKKB, Alice Kongsted (joint project leader); Director and Head of Research NIKKB, Henrik Wulff Christensen (Chairman of the Steering Group); Professor and Head of Research SDU and Senior Researcher (NIKKB) Jan Hartvigsen; Chiropractor and Imaging Consultant NIKKB Klaus Doktor; Adjunct Professor SDU and Curtin University, Perth, Australia, Peter Kent and Scientific Assistant Orla Lund Nielsen.


ChiCo’s international collaborators are: From Australia: Mark Hancock, Ass. Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney and Chris Maher, Professor, George Institute of Global Health; from Canada: Simon French, Research Professor, Queen’s University, Kingston; from The Netherlands: Bart Koes, Professor, Erasmus MC, Dept. of General Practice, Rotterdam and Raymond Ostelo, Professor, EMGO, Amsterdam; from the UK: Danielle van der Windt, Keele University.