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  • Media focus on neck and back pain

    The Danish newspaper BT has focused on neck and back pain in two separate articles in the summer, which made the newspaper contact researchers from NIKKB and NDA.


    On July 9, BT carried a double page on the concept of mobile neck, which was based on the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets and the increasing risk of neck pain as a consequence of this. BT approached Professor and Head of Research at the IOB and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, Jan Hartvigsen, who was quoted in the article. Jan Hartvigsen talked about the new technology's influence on our body and health and the possible consequences of the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets.


    On July 19, BT again carried an article, whichmade use of expert knowledge from researchers from Fyn. In a double page based on a well-known Danish television personality's problems with back pain,Chiropractor and Associate Professor at the IOB, Peter Kent, talked about the results of a new study of the reasons why back pain returns. In line with his interpretation of the results of the study Peter Kent also explained what the survey can be used for.


    You can see both articles as postings on NIKKB's Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/Kiropraktorernes.Videnscenter