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  • Roadshow off to a good start

    This year's first roadshow got off to a good start on Tuesday. The subject was examination possibilities, which attracted the interest of 28 chiropractors.
    They were in for an informative evening. Consultant Frederick Busch shared his experiences and delved into a variety of topics under the general heading of the roadshow during the evening. Frederick Busch touched on relevant topics such as:


    • Consequences of cervical degenerative condition with differential diagnostic considerations, from a neurosurgical perspective.
    • Etiology with basic pain teaching - including how to distinguish between the different types of pain. What is the most common symptom picture and course - which differential diagnostic considerations are important and what is less important?
    • Imaging, the necessary and the hopelessly outdated!
    • The intelligent reference!


    The evening's lecturer is a big capacity in the field of spinal surgery. Since Frederick Busch earned his medical degree from the University of Odense in 1990, he has worked extensively with you neurosurgery in the neurosurgical departments of the hospitals in Glostrup, Aarhus and Odense and a number of private hospitals throughout Denmark among other places. Since 2010, Frederick Busch been consultant and specialist in neurosurgery spine surgery at the Spinal Surgery Sector at Rygcenter Denmark at Middelfart Hospital.


    frederik busch

  • Good reviews for Neurology Class

    The neurology class, which was part of NIKKB's continued professional development this spring, got good reviews from the participants. The class was held on Friday, April 24, in the conference rooms at the University of Southern Denmark. After the class we asked one of the participants, John Sandberg, for an assessment of the class.


    John Sandberg said: "I attended the neurology class with Morten Blaabjerg in April 2015. It was a class full of relevant knowledge for all clinicians. The knowledge was conveyed brilliantly by an enthusiastic teacher. He used a comprehensible power point show with good cases where multiple video sequences clarified and linked studies and positive findings on neurological diseases that we might face in everyday life as a chiropractor. The course fully lived up to my expectations and I can only advise my colleagues to participate in the class, if it is offered again. "


    Morten Blaabjerg3

  • CPD

    Continued Professional Development

    NIKKB's Continued Professional Development is an important offer in the form of a series of CPD activities for the country's chiropractors.


    NIKKB currently offers Continued Professional Development along three tracks, partly in the form of courses in Communication, Diagnosis, Patient Management, Treatment Techniques and New Knowledge for the country’s chiropractors but NIKKB also organizes regional roadshows around Denmark with various interesting topics and teachers.


    Furthermore, NIKKB Continued Professional Development is responsible for arranging and executing the academic program at the Chiropractic Congress every two years, where chiropractors from home and abroad meet to hear lectures, take part in courses and workshops, exchange information and do networking.