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  • New design for nikkb.com

    Take a look at nikkb.com – something has happened to the website! It has got a new look!


    We have worked hard on redesigning NIKKB's English version of its website nikkb.com, and now the new look is ready to be presented to the public.


    The main idea behind the new design has been to make nikkb.com more vivid, clear, readable and easy to use, by making the website easier to maneuver around in, among other things.


    We have also moved the content around a little bit; again, this was done to make the website more user friendly.


    Take a look around nikkb.com and see what you think. We hope you like the new design and will use the website diligently in the future. If you have comments, constructive criticism, praise or suggestions for future improvements, please feel free to send them to us via the contact section on nikkb.com.